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Recently, I defended Mr. Grant Haze who was charged with murdering his children’s mother. This case was strongly followed in the media due to the nature of crime. Mr. Haze and his wife were accused of killing the victim, and then cutting her body up in order to transport it to Texas where the remains were later found. A lot of friends and acquaintances have asked me, my family, and my law partners how it is that I can represent some of the people that I do, I’m certain the general public wonders the same thing, “How can an attorney represent certain defendants?”

I would like to try and answer that question in hopes that people really do want to know the answer and not that it is simply a rhetorical question. Before I take on this task, I would like to sincerely thank those friends, family and fellow attorneys who have been so supportive of my efforts and my passion for my work. Thank you all!

Why Defend Grant Haze

In this world, we come to see, almost daily, the terrible things that human beings are capable of doing to each other. As a nation, we pride ourselves on morals, our belief in human rights, and our desire to help those nations and people who cannot protect themselves from others whose power and greed overcome any sense of morality that our nation holds. These principles are so important to this nation that our citizens in the military risk their lives daily to protect and uphold them. These same principles are the foundation of our criminal justice system.

Just as we watch out for those around the world who are less fortunate, our system of justice looks out for our citizens who are accused of crimes to make sure those people tasked with the enforcement and prosecution do not go unchecked. The law of this land requires that any judge or jury tasked with rendering a judgment of guilt or innocence, be required to give an accused the presumption of innocence. As a Raleigh defense attorney, I constantly remind my judges and jurors of this law. Failure to do so inevitably will lead to abuse of the system. Politics, retribution, the fear of crime, and negative public opinions can severely weaken our system of justice.

We all know that innocent people have been convicted and sentenced to death only to be spared at the last minute. Better DNA testing, stricter rules on providing defendant’s exculpatory information, and the general understanding of flawed eye-witness testimony are some of the ways we have spared innocent people from the gravest injustice. Our system and our principles prefer that a few guilty go free rather than one innocent person’s life or liberty be taken. Just as our soldiers are required to kill in the name of freedom and human rights, the soldiers of the legal system, “attorneys”, also must do what some see as unsavory to ensure that an innocent citizen doesn’t fall victim to an imperfect system of justice.

As long as our judicial system stands on the premise that the injustice of just one innocent man’s conviction far outweighs the societal risk of a guilty defendant’s acquittal, I will, with great honor, do my best to represent clients with the same degree of passion, sincerity, and respect for the law notwithstanding how much they have paid me, or the brutality of the acts that they are alleged to have committed.

So, how can I represent Grant Haze? The only way to make sure innocent people’s lives and liberties are not taken away is to represent all those accused to the fullest, without regard to public opinion or even my own opinions. I hope my answer helps others understand that this is the best way to protect the freedom and rights of all our citizens. God bless America!

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Jeff is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Raleigh. He has effectively represented the citizens of Wake County and all over North Carolina since 1989.

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