Criminal Law

How to Have Your Criminal Record Expunged in North Carolina

Having a misdemeanor or felony on your criminal record, even if the charges were dropped, can negatively impact you for the rest of your life. A criminal conviction in particular can block you from getting a job, renting property, or receiving assistance. Fortunately, North Carolina allows you to clear the slate in many situations, but […]

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Immigration Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction In North Carolina

US immigration and customs enforcement criminal convictions in NC

Often the consequences for immigration based on a criminal conviction aren’t fully explained to the defendants. This can be extremely difficult when dealing with language barriers, but it is important to be ethical and forthcoming with those faced with criminal allegations and possible deportation. Find out more about the immigration and criminal conviction process here.

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Firearm Rights After A Felony Conviction In NC

firearm rights restoration raleigh NC

Firearms, The Second Amendment, and guns in general and their restrictions, or lack thereof, have been a hot topic of recent. With heat being under the seats of politicians and citizens alike, it is important that you know your rights and how to protect them. Learn about your firearm rights after a felony conviction in North Carolina .

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