raleigh workplace accident attorneyBusinesses and organizations have a responsibility to keep the work area safe and clean. When workplace accident occurs, it can hurt your productivity and wellbeing. It may be essential for you to seek the advice of a work injury lawyer or acquire workers’ compensation. But first thing’s first: you need to know your rights after you’ve suffered an injury at work.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Seek medical treatment for your work-related injury
  • Return to your job, as long as you’ve been released by a doctor
  • Report a workplace injury claim with workers’ compensation court or state industrial court
  • Legal representation throughout the process
  • Disability compensation, given that returning to work in the short term or long term is impossible for you due to the injury
  • Appeal a decision made by your employer, their insurance agency, or the court that you find unacceptable
  • Refuse directives by your employer that you pay through your personal health insurance
  • Refuse directives by your employer to not file for worker’s compensation
  • Remain free from harassment by your boss or the company in general when filing for compensation

Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Accidental Injury

Workers’ compensation is insurance for businesses to provide benefits to injured workers without going through court. Most employers are required by state law to carry insurance, but not all. Your best defense is knowledge. If you file a claim and qualify for workers’ comp successfully, depending on your state, you can feel confident that you’ll receive medical care, payments while you’re absent from work, disability compensation for any permanent injuries endured from the work accident, and possibly even retraining for a new job if you find yourself unable to return to your workplace.

What’s Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Every state has different work injury comp laws. They can vary widely, so be sure to check your state’s laws first with a work injury attorney. Broadly, most states have similar basic compensation coverage and requirements.

  • Injury stemming from repetitive motions
  • Injury aggravated by a pre-existing condition
  • Chronic illness developed from workplace environment and practices
  • Carelessness or negligence leading to injury
  • Job-related activities, such as business travel, leading to injury

The most common workplace injuries in the United States are strains and sprains, cuts and punctures, contusions, inflammation, and fractures. If you’re a victim suffering from any of these, you’re not alone. To make your case, you may want to check that the circumstances surrounding your injury don’t eliminate you from coverage.

What’s Not Covered?

You cannot receive worker’s compensation from:

  • An injury resulting from alcohol or drugs
  • Injuries that occur during the commute to work or on the way home
  • Self-infliction
  • Inciting a fight
  • Harm inflicted while engaging in criminal activity
  • Injuries suffered while not on the job
  • Accidental injuries sustained due to employee misconduct in violation of company policy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

There are other options for extreme cases. Usually when you file for workers’ comp, you surrender the ability to take your employer to court. However, if your employer is guilty of intentional harm or complete disregard to employee well-being, you may have a cause to sue.

Work Injury and Workers’ Comp Lawyers That Are Always On Your Side

When you’re injured at work, insurance companies and even some employers may try to keep you from filing a claim and getting the benefits you deserve. Choosing the wrong doctor to assess your injury could hurt your case, and legal loopholes have the potential to work against you. You need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side to navigate the waters of workplace accidents. Our work injury lawyers will defend your rights and handle your case with integrity and sincerity. Call Kirk Kirk Law today to get started on your workers’ compensation claim or discuss your legal needs. We’re happy to answer questions.

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