Fight Traffic Ticket RaleighWe are regularly asked about paying off a traffic ticket. Just paying off a traffic ticket can be the most costly thing you can do.

The most important reason why you should not just pay off a traffic ticket is the possibility that you will incur points on your North Carolina driving record, which can result in insurance points. Your insurance company is allowed to substantially increase your premiums for three years following a conviction of a traffic violation. Also, by just paying your ticket off, you will pay a fine, which may not be ordered by a judge in court.

Additionally, attorneys can often appear in court on your behalf, which can keep you from having to miss work or school. A knowledgeable attorney should be familiar with the North Carolina traffic and insurance laws, which would allow them to effectively negotiate with the State. By doing so; this could result in no driver’s license points or insurance points.

We are glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your traffic ticket.

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