Speeding Ticket Insurance Increase in NCOne of the most common questions we hear from clients, who have been cited for speeding in North Carolina, is “Will this speeding ticket cause my insurance premium to increase?” If you decide to pay your speeding ticket off or if your speeding ticket is not handled properly, you will incur insurance points and your insurance premium will increase. This increase in your insurance premium may last for three years following the conviction.

The amount of the increase of your insurance will depend on the number of insurance points your conviction carries. For example, if you are convicted of going 69 mph in a 55mph zone, you would receive three insurance points, which could result in 65% increase of your insurance premium.

Possible Increase in NC Insurance Premiums

Below is a chart reflecting the possible increase in insurance premiums per the number of insurance points assessed. Please understand that this is not an exact determination of the surcharge that could be added to your insurance cost, but instead is an estimate of such.

One insurance point = 25% increase
Two insurance points = 45% increase
Three insurance points = 65% increase
Four insurance points = 90% increase
Five insurance points = 120% increase
Six insurance points = 150% increase
Seven insurance points = 180% increase
Eight insurance points = 220% increase
Nine insurance points = 260% increase
Ten insurance points = 300% increase
Eleven insurance points = 350% increase
Twelve insurance points = 400% increase

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