The Differences Between Manslaughter and Murder

Many times people make the mistake of thinking murder and manslaughter are the same crimes, but there are major differences between the two. It’s useful to understand the differences between manslaughter and murder because they weigh heavily on the potential sentences a defendant can face. We’re going to take a closer look at what these […]

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Are Your Eligible for Alimony from Your Spouse?

alimony and divorce attorney in Raleigh

If you and your spouse are divorcing, it’s understandable to be concerned about your future. This is especially true if you have been a homemaker for several years or your spouse earns significantly more than you do. You may have concerns about whether you can support yourself or maintain the life to which you’ve been […]

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Expunging Criminal Records Through the Second Chance Act

raleigh nc record expungement

If you have a criminal record, you know how this can negatively impact your future. A mistake made in the past may mean you are unable to get a job, rent an apartment, or receive student loans or government aid. You’re not alone in this; approximately one in four adults in North Carolina have some […]

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Should You Enter Into a 51/49 Operating Agreement?

business law attorney operating agreement raleigh

When you are starting a business with someone, you may want to enter into a 50/50 operating agreement, in which both partners have equal weight in the company. On the other hand, you may have been told that an equal partnership is a terrible idea that will destroy the business over time. This is a […]

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What Is a Living Trust?

Raleigh estate planning lawyer living trust

When you think of estate planning, you hopefully have a will to direct who receives your property after your passing. However, if you want to begin setting aside funds for a specific individual or organization, a living trust can be a better option to ensure your assets get to the proper party. We know this […]

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Can a School Punish Students for What They Say Outside of School?

civil attorneys raleigh NC

The rise of social media and cell phones opens up a wide variety of communication, and while this can be positive, it’s not without concerns. The opportunity for students to easily keep up with each other outside of school can be a great way to maintain and build friendships. Unfortunately, it also opens up other […]

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