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Eminent Domain Case in Greenville, NC*This project has been completed, litigation is no longer viable.

In 2008, the NCDOT began informing the public of a plan to alleviate traffic and congestion in the Greenville, NC area called the Greenville Southwest Bypass Project, or Project R-2250.

This project is a 12.4 mile, 4-lane highway designed to meet interstate level traffic and speeds. The bypass is currently listed to start approximately 2.9 miles South of NC 102 and will end at the current US 264 interchange.

Why is a Greenville Bypass Needed?

According to the DOT, completion of the project will reduce congestion and lessen the potential for traffic accidents in Greenville, while improving regional travel through the US 264/NC 11 corridor of Pitt County.

Sections of the Greenville Bypass Project

The Greenville bypass project is broken up into sections to be completed at different dates. The schedule below outlines the approximate timetable for project completion.

  1. Section C – Right of Way acquisition began in 2014 with construction scheduled to begin in 2018.
  2. Section B – Right of Way acquisition will begin in 2017 with construction starting in 2020.
  3. Section A – Right of Way acquisition will begin in 2019 with construction starting in 2020.



Where are the Greenville Bypass Sections Located?

  • Section A extends from NC 11 in Ayden to South of NC 102.
  • Section B is between NC 102 and Forlines Road.
  • Section C is located between Forlines Road and US 264.

Interchanges require larger tracts of land compared to the standard roadway. Any property owners located at the proposed interchange locations listed below are subject to larger land acquisition.

  • NC 11
  • NC 102
  • Forlines Road
  • US 13/264 Alternate
  • US 264 Current Interchange

What is a Design-Build Project and How Does that Affect You?

The DOT has assigned the Greenville Southwest Bypass as a Design-Build project. Any project designated with this title differs from the normal process of project planning and development. Once a design has been reached for a standard project, the developers must adhere to the project limitations. However, a Design-Build project can change throughout the process of construction, and a previously agreed upon path can be altered to meet the needs of a new design which can change how the project affects property.

This can be frustrating for property owners as property acquisition can be scattered and someone who may not have been originally affected at all could lose their property entirely. Having an eminent domain attorney to represent you can help you achieve a better outcome.

What Can You Expect?

Business and property owners can expect to be contacted by a Right of Way or property appraisal agent to perform an evaluation of any properties affected by the project.

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