Eminent Domain Attorney for the N.C. 54 Corridor Improvements in Durham and Chapel Hill

Eminent Domain Attorney RaleighIn 2018, the N.C. Department of Transportation began informing the public of a plan to alleviate traffic and congestion between the Fordham Boulevard/N.C. 54 intersection and at the Apex Highway 55/N.C. 54 intersection.

The project is currently in coordination with local stakeholders and developing preliminary designs for corridor alternatives. If you own property in this area, you may want to contact an eminent domain attorney to advise you in the event that you are contacted by a Right of Way or property appraisal agent from the state.

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Areas Directly Impacted by the N.C. 54 Corridor Improvements

Areas in Chapel Hill and Durham county will experience major interchanges including:

  • Fordham Boulevard/N.C. 54 intersection
  • Barbee Chapel Road/N.C. 54 intersection
  • Farrington Road/N.C. 54 intersection
  • U.S. Highway 40/N.C. 54 intersection
  • Hope Valley Road/N.C. 54 intersection
  • Fayetteville Road/N.C. 54 Intersection
  • Barbee Road/N.C. 54 Intersection
  • Apex Highway 55/N.C. 54 Intersection

Purpose of the N.C. 54 Corridor Improvements

The N.C. Department of Transportation hopes to enable future growth and mobility in the project area by focusing on multimodal travel options. Specific changes include roadway widening, intersection improvements, and interchange and overpass upgrades. More lanes and crosswalks will increase both efficiency and overall safety for those walking and biking in the project areas.

What is Eminent Domain?

Defined as the right of a government or to obtain private property with compensation.

What Can You Do if You Live in the “Complete N.C. 54 Corridor” Project Area?

If your home or business is located within the N.C. 54 Corridor project area, chances are NCDOT will contact you to specify their intention to use your property to complete this project. In order to ensure you receive fair and just value for your property, it is recommended that speak with an Eminent Domain and Land Condemnation attorney as soon as possible.

What is Land Condemnation in an Eminent Domain Case?

When it comes to eminent domain cases, land condemnation refers to the actual seizure of the property under the power of eminent domain. Be sure to check out our page on land condemnation frequently asked questions to learn more.

What Can I Expect from the Eminent Domain Process in North Carolina?

If you discover your property could be acquired under eminent domain for the N.C. 54 Corridor improvement project, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to guide you through the legal process. A few things to expect would be:

    • An appraiser is selected by yourself and eminent domain lawyer to appraise the property
    • The government will send an agent to inspect and appraise your property
    • After appraising, the government will make an offer. Keep in mind, this offer will likely be unfair and is based on the government appraiser’s findings
    • The sale will move forward only if the property owner and the government come to an agreement
    • Eminent domain process will begin if involved parties are unable to agree on compensation

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