Spectra And Dominion Pipeline Projects Target Wake And Johnston County Landowners

gas pipeline eminent domain raleigh NC lawyers

Spectra and Dominion Energy companies are coming together to construct a natural gas pipeline that will cover the serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. As with any project of this scale, there is a lot of land that will be acquired for the project. Here at Kirk, Kirk, Howell, Cutler & Thomas’s eminent domain division, we will continue to update you as we learn about the details of this project. Read here for yourself!

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Caylee’s Law – A Duty To Protect Children

nc caylee's law

Are you a child care provider, scout leader or Sunday school teacher? Do you spend time around children? Are you a nanny or babysitter? If so, did you know that you may have a duty to report information about missing, abused or deceased children? Learn here about Caylee’s Law and how it could affect you!

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The Basics Of Inverse Condemnation

nc inverse condemnation water drainage

The term condemnation commonly refers to a situation where governmental entities file a civil action to take private property. Most of the time, a basic condemnation action means that the government or other entity enacts an action as the plaintiff to take over the land. This leaves you, the property owner, as the defendant. Learn what your rights are and how to protect what is yours.

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Drug Treatment Court In Wake County

NC drug treatment court website

Being a criminal defense attorney, I see a lot of cases which involve drug use. Unfortunately, many of the cases involving drug use also include some form of drug addiction. There are many options for overcoming addiction, though, in many cases, Drug Treatment Court is the recommended option. But after all, what is Drug Treatment Court?

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