Dominion Gas pipeline in NC Eminent Domain LawyersThe Raleigh law firm of Kirk, Kirk, Howell, Cutler & Thomas recently blogged regarding the proposed build of a natural gas pipeline that would possibly affect a number of our existing and potential eminent domain clients in North Carolina.

A quick update. Spectra Energy has placed what they refer to as their “Carolina Project” “on hold.” Dominion Energy, on the other hand, continues in their “study” of the pipeline and its precise route.

Update on Projected North Carolina Pipeline

With regard to the Spectra project, according to Arthur Diestel of Spectra, “Spectra Energy is suspending its development work on the proposed Carolina project; however, we will be analyzing other opportunities in the region. We will continue to evaluate opportunities in the region, which could include the proposed Spectra Energy Pipeline Project study corridor, and should there be developments, we will keep you informed.”

That sounds like Spectra Energy is pulling back but keeping its options open, but realistically we have to wonder if Spectra is throwing in the towel, leaving Dominion as the only player. A Spectra pull out would be good news to a lot of our clients who have received letters from Spectra wanting to come on their property to “survey”, but Dominion appears committed to coming to and through North Carolina at this point.

The Dominion line is preliminarily shown to run from Northampton County at North Carolina’s northern border to and through Robeson County on our state’s southern border. The North Carolina line would be 36 inches in diameter but, during construction, a 125-foot-wide right-of-way would be required. Once construction is completed, a 75-foot right-of-way would be required to maintain the pipeline. According to published reports, the pipeline would be three to five feet below ground, depending on the topography of the area and intended use of the land above.

Are You Affected by the North Carolina Pipeline Project?

Our North Carolina eminent domain attorneys will continue to monitor the progress of the pipeline project and report what we find. North Carolina landowners who receive any communication from Dominion or Spectra regarding a proposed entry on the property are urged to Contact Us to discuss your situation by filling out the form below or by calling.  919-615-2473 The call and consultation are free.

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