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While driving may be considered a privilege, there’s no question it’s a necessity. Nearly all adults rely on driving to get back and forth to work, run errands, take kids to the doctor – but if a poor driving record or mistake has left you with a suspended license, doing these everyday tasks or holding onto your job may be impossible.

Don’t assume that there’s nothing you can do if you’ve had your driving privileges suspended, though. Our attorneys in Raleigh are sharing why you should work with a lawyer to get your driver’s license restored.

Why Driving Privileges Are Suspended

In North Carolina, there are three main reasons your license can be suspended – a DWI conviction, an accumulation of points on your license, or failing to comply with a court order, such as paying child support or not paying a fine.

DWI Convictions

Driving while intoxicated or refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test can lead to serious penalties, including jail, large fines, and a revocation of your driver’s license. In fact, as soon as you are convicted, the court notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles who immediately suspends your license. For the first offense, your license is suspended for one year, for the second offense, it’s four years, and for the third or subsequent offense, it’s permanent.

While we would highly recommend having a DWI attorney in Raleigh represent you during your case to reduce your likelihood of a conviction, if you’ve already had a conviction, your attorney can assist you with reinstatement.

License Points

If you get a speeding ticket or accidentally run a stop sign, that’s not an immediate loss of driving privileges. However, you will have points put on your license for breaking traffic laws.  For example:

  • Speeding 10 miles per hour or less over the limit when the speed limit is 55 mph or less: 2 DMV points
  • Speeding in a school zone: 3 DMV points
  • Running a red light: 3 DMV points
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road: 4 DMV points
  • Passing a stopped school bus: 5 DMV points

Accruing 12 or more points on your license in three years will lead to a 60-day suspension. After your license is reinstated, your driver’s license points reset to zero, but you can only receive eight points before your license is suspended for six months. A third suspension is a one-year revocation of driving privileges.

Missed Fine or Child Support Payments

If you fall behind on child support payments, even as little as one month, your license can be suspended.

Can a Lawyer Get Your License Reinstated?

As we mentioned above, having your license revoked doesn’t mean the door is closed completely on your driving privileges. For example, if your license is suspended due to failure to pay a fine or child support, we can assist you with untangling the legal issue and getting you back in good standing.

For driving-related suspension, we can petition the court for a hearing to reinstate your license. Often, we can help our clients show the court that they’ve modified their behavior and are serious about being a safe driver in the community. Even when a full license reinstatement is not possible, we can work with the court to have some driving privileges reinstated, such as the ability to drive to and from work so you don’t lose income.

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