Immigration Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction In North Carolina

US immigration and customs enforcement criminal convictions in NC

Often the consequences for immigration based on a criminal conviction aren’t fully explained to the defendants. This can be extremely difficult when dealing with language barriers, but it is important to be ethical and forthcoming with those faced with criminal allegations and possible deportation. Find out more about the immigration and criminal conviction process here.

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Enforcing A Non-Compete Agreement In NC

raleigh nc non compete agreement lawyer

Enforcing a non-compete agreement is not as easy as one would think. Often the language can be difficult to enforce. Knowing how the courts view a non-compete will greatly influence the case results. Find out how North Carolina Courts will determine a non-compete case by reading this great resource from our Raleigh business lawyers.

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Jury Duty And The Importance It Plays In Our Justice System

importance of jury duty north carolina

Every citizen of this great country has an obligation to give back. It’s part of our civic duty to ensure that members of our society receive fair and equal treatment under the law. This is why jury duty isn’t something to be scoffed at. While many people do attempt to be removed from jury duty, many people and employers understand the importance that this opportunity means. Take a look at why jury duty is important and how you should conduct yourself if you are called upon.

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